About Us

romantic-wedding-photo-browne-photography_0This blog is written by photographers and other creative people who are passionate about photography. The writers are from different disciplines, including videographers, video editors, creative writers, production designers, graphic designers, stylists, as well as amateur photographers, and wedding photographers.

The bloggers have more than passing knowledge of photography, as they are all hobbyist photographers. They have taken part in wedding photography, as well as actively participated in the backstage production aspect of weddings. Of course, some have already taken the plunge and been married, experiencing firsthand how it is to be photographed during the marriage ceremony, and the ensuing reception.

Most of the writers are also computer geeks and are happy to partake of their knowledge in computers and software in order to improve picture taking. Some of the writers and contributors have been into photography since they were in their teens. Some started with film cameras, while the majority first used digital cameras.

As a group, they have their own favorite cameras, with the group almost evenly divided in the Nikon and Canon debate, with a one or two agnostic who either use both brands, and one who does not use any of the two.

They all agree that wedding photography is always a challenge, and something that they share a passion about.

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