tipsThis website is all about wedding photography, as well as family photography, and family events. You will get to see and read everything that our authors are busy at in their own field of expertise – wedding photography, videography, photo editing and the likes.

If you are going to get married soon, browse through our pages and be inspired with the information and tips our authors got only for you In this page, you will get to learn how significant and essential to have professional wedding photographers and videographers on your special day. Undeniably, we believe in the power of wedding photography that brings a smile to the couple every time they look back on their wedding day. Besides, only captured moments can bring back memories of the past.

To get the most of this site, please choose from the menu and categories the specific things you are interested in.

The articles on this website include tips on general photography as they apply to weddings, these include:

  • Lighting
    Portraiture (Solo, Couple and Group)
    General camera tips and settings
    Setting the mood and atmosphere

Wedding photography is a wonderful photo opportunity, and it can be intimidating for first time photographers. But, in this page, we will wash that away and instead inspire you to keep up.

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