Bali Experience – Made More Enjoyable and Memorable with Hotels Offering Scenic Views and Culture

If Bali has gotten under your skin, it’s not only because of great sceneries and landmarks but as well as great experience courtesy of your Bali accommodations. Canggu is the best place for sightseeing, shopping and world class Canggu hotels.  Same is true to Seminyak, Legian and Bali.  But, here’s what great about Bali.

Bali Beaches

depositphotos_72833989_s-2015Bali beaches are crowded but there are exceptions like Ungasun and Batu Bolong in Canggu. The water may not be so pristine but the scenery is great including the nighttime sky. Sunset is great especially when you’re staying in beach front Canggu hotels where the sunset view is its main attraction. Choose the deluxe hotels with the best in-house restaurants and bars. For backpackers, there is a good backpacker’s hotel that offers cheap sharing rooms.  Seminyak beaches are best matched with Seminyak beach villas or Seminyak beach hotels with beach views.

Bali culture

For first timers, it’s a joy to see and witness so many festivals, rituals and culture around. If you’re staying in Canggu hotels, you’ll have a lot of time witnessing locals doing small offering to temples and shrines. It looks like Balinese take so much pride in their religion and every member of the family takes part in religious rituals and festivals. Bali hotels and resorts usually offer packages with Balinese culture inclusion such as Balinese spa and massage. You stay in hotel with Balinese decors and artifacts, and enjoy wearing Balinese sarong and enjoy sunset drinks by the beach and dinner by the seaside.

Bali shopping

Stay in Legian and enjoy great local markets where you can do haggling. While Legian is known for sophisticated shopping, and amazing shops are so near exclusive Legian hotels, there are local shops selling cheap silver jewelry, antiques and house wares. But, if you’re after high-end home wares, you don’t have to walk away from your hotel to find high-end boutiques and shops for your items.  You can find them row after row from the block where your hotel is. The staffs are friendly and so accommodating and you can find some speaking in good English.

Bali coffee

If you’re staying in one of Bali beach luxury hotels, you’ll find great coffee shops where you can drink the best tasting Bali coffee. Beach hotels in Bali are not without a signature Bali coffee shop so there’s a lot of time to enjoy your Bali coffee.

Bali experience is among the best for world travelers and the experience is made more exciting and enjoyable by hotels offering the best of Bali’s scenery, attractions, and culture.


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