Is Tattoo Still an Issue in the Workplace?

For a long time, tattoos have been associated with everything negative like gangsters and criminals. Now that the social acceptance on body art has grown, is it still necessary to have an ink removal job before you aim for a corporate position? Are employers more welcoming of tattooed employees or do they remain hesitant to have anyone with ink art on board for fear of tarnishing the company’s image?tattoo_removal1

Dress codes and appearance policies

Although a lot of industries have become more accepting of this liberal form of expression and art, some business owners would still have raised eyebrows when a prospective employee who wants to earn a position in their company comes up with visible tattoos all over. The need for ink removal naturally depends on what field or company you are permeating. Employers have a certain image built for their companies. If having tattoos is not consistent with that image, you will have to have yours removed or at least kept discreetly to get in.

It also depends on the position you are aiming for. In a hotel, for example, do not vouch on getting a post on the concierge if you have well pronounced tattoos of skulls exposed. However, it will not matter if you get an ink removal or not, if you have tattoo all over your body, if you will be working in the kitchen as a dishwasher.

Some companies, however, for fear of losing real talents by marginalizing those with tattoos, adjust their policies to accommodate such. It is not every day that you get to employ an exquisite individual who fits on a job post perfectly and if a requirement for tattoo removal may be getting in the way, they might bend the rules a bit for it.

To remove or not

If you are aiming for a good position in the corporate arena, it is time that you contemplate about letting go of your tattoo or not to chase your dreams because it could definitely get in the way. You could either be choosy of the company you work for, preferring those that would permit your loud pronouncements on your own body, or schedule an appointment at a clinic on tattoo removal Sydney. The decision depends on you, the industry you are working in, and your aims of climbing high. People with tattoos are no longer discriminated. Not as much at least, but they are still treated much differently than those who do not have visible body art, especially in the job arena.

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