Prepare for your wedding – Weight loss surgery

When all fails, obesity is cured by means of surgery. Doctors recommend obesity surgery for people whose health is affected by conditions resulting to excessive weight that only weight loss surgery could resolve.  However, not all obese people are good candidate for weight loss surgery, as there are several factors that need to be considered before surgery is performed to overweight patients. One is the type of surgery that fits patient’s medical history and needs.

ObesitySurgeryThere are two basic types of weight loss surgeries that help in weight loss in different ways. These are restrictive and malabsorptive surgeries. Restrictive surgeries are those performed to shrink down the size of the stomach or to slow down digestion process. Malabsorptive surgeries are types of obesity surgery that bypass or remove parts of the stomach to change how patient take food. By removing a part of the digestive tract, it’s harder for the body to absorb calories, which is the culprit in gaining weight.

One type of restrictive surgeries is gastric binding. Obesity surgery is recommended for patients who have difficulty in controlling their food intake. The surgery is done by using inflatable band in squeezing the stomach into smaller upper and larger lower sections. A small band is made to connect the two stomach sections. This small channel only allows small portion of food and slow down the emptying of the lower portion. Patients are advised to eat soft food or solid foods that are well-chewed. Gastric band surgery has several risks and complications like the gastric band’s slipping out of place, leaks or becoming too loose. But overall, it is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to a successful weight loss.

Doctors recommend malabsorptive weight loss surgeries  like laparoscopic banding to obese patients to achieve weight loss. The surgery has the stomach cut to make it smaller. A camera and surgical tools are used through several small incisions and a device is wrapped around the stomach to form a ring and place a tube. Saline solution is added or removed to make the stomach smaller. A recovery period of at least two weeks is needed before weight loss happens.

Different types of weight surgeries have proven to be effective for weight loss however, what’s good for one might not be the case for everybody. Ask your doctor about weight loss surgeries to know if you’re a good candidate for one. Losing weight is a good way to keep healthy but taking precautions is also the best way to enjoy fuller life.

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