Prioritizing Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection in the Workplace


Most entrepreneurs – whether they own a small company or a huge one – focus only on one thing: profit. That, essentially, is not a wrong thing. But, one has to understand what occupational hygiene is too, and everything else related to it when it comes to health, safety and environmental protection.

What is Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Protection?

The government of Australia believes that every worker should be protected from any possible hazard in the workplace. It also believes that companies have a responsibility in protecting the environment, specifically in minimizing its impact to it.

They have instituted a body that will be enforcing the rules and regulations to ensure occupational hygiene in the workplace. The said group will also monitor companies’ compliance to it.

Workplace hazards

There are numerous hazards in the workplace, even if one’s workplace is a non-descript office in the heart of the city. These dangers could biological, chemical, physical, psychosocial or ergonomic in nature. Each must be addressed to ensure that the employee is safe at all times. Here are some examples:

Occupational Environmental Noise may not seem so important to many. But, noise in certain workplaces, especially factories, can actually cause so many problems. Aside from the risk of acquiring hearing disorders and ear problems, too much noise will lower one’s ability to appraise the safety of his or her surroundings.

A more common problem that people don’t often take note of is Asbestos. This very useful but sadly poisonous and Cancer-causing material is practically found in all buildings from the walls to the ceilings, and sometimes in pieces of furniture. This is why Asbestos Air Monitoring is a must do.

Legionella risk is also another thing to watch out for, especially in workplaces with cooling towers, evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools. In fact, any workplace with water storage should take note of this hazard and comply with the safety guidelines regarding it.

Health, Safety and Environmental services

There are numerous companies offering these health, safety and environmental services from basic lecture and training of employees to more comprehensive risk assessment and monitoring.

Hire one now to check out your space for possible occupational hygiene hazards. Aside from the fact that the law requires you to do this, your health and safety – and that of your employees, more importantly – are at risk. Remember, an unhealthy office is an unproductive one too.

In a work place where everyone might be exposed to hazards, health and safety are paramount, consult

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