Web Design Themes Google Favours for Search Engine Results

What can improve your website’s ability to attract visitors who stay and eventually buy or turn into loyal users? The answer is of course website theme or design that primarily attracts internet searchers to stay and navigate through the pages. There are hundreds of expensive and also affordable web designs that can guide website owners through starting and maintaining success goals and abilities in keeping up to an evolving web-browsing environment. With Google dictating website’s success in search results, and web developers follow them faithfully, here are the types of web themes that the giant search engine favours to search result rankings.

Mobile-friendly web theme

Wedding siteGoogle has announced that starting April 15, 2015, it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. It means that the giant search engine is not merely encouraging mobile-friendly web themes but all website with mobile-friendly web theme will rank higher in search engine results than websites that choose not to be. This will increase the demand for a mobile-friendly web theme and it will eventually lead to a more affordable web design that will allow websites on multiple devices including smart TV’s and the current craze, wearable device such as watches.

Web theme with more relevant app content

Again, Google is beginning to use information from indexed apps and websites with web themes that allow users to install apps will get more attention. Google is now bending its rules to signed-in users and will do surfacing contents from indexed apps to determine what are prominently surfacing on the search results. Web themes that allow installation of apps for users have better chance to be indexed and get higher page ranking. However, this web theme is less to become an affordable web design as web developers still have to familiarize themselves on how Google will implement the App Indexing. It will be of course an expensive gamble but with higher search engine ranking, who cares?

Text rich website

Professional web developers like web developer Sydney often use images to boost website page layout however, search engines primarily use texts on a website as a factor in indexing a page.  Text rich web themes is also good for users in finding more relevant contents and eventually lead them to stay longer or visit again and habitually.  However, a Sydney web design using a text rich web theme should limit the use of graphics and instead make use of ALT text and keyword-friendly file if its goal is to be at the top of search engine results.

Choosing not to follow could actually hurt your page ranking and it’s the least a website owner wants.

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