What to Expect When Buying your Baby’s First Pair of Shoes

Having a little one at home is truly joyful although it comes with a handful of obligations and challenges. One of them is actually shredding the deal on kids’ shoes to find the perfect pair for those little feet.

First Steps…

baby_shoes1When your baby is not walking yet, they barely need shoes. If they need anything to cover their feet up and keep those warm, soft socks and booties are usually enough. As they go about their first steps, barefoot is advisable still. But, once they are developing their mobility, cruising here and there and taking steps, they need real shoes, real kids’ shoes.

At this point, you will need to consider a whole bunch of factors that will make shopping, fitting in, and actually wearing those pairs a positive experience for you and your precious little one.

First, owe up to the fact that shoe shopping is not as enjoyable for kids as it is for most adults. Then again, you cannot simply pick a pair and judge from afar if they fit right. Kids’ shoes, especially for toddlers, are very important to fit perfectly. You really need to make them try it on to be sure. The trick to this is to shop beforehand what style you would want to make them try. After trying on a few, they can get tired so make sure your duties are fulfilled before they get whiny, on the verge of throwing a tantrum.

Second, be aware that finding the perfect fit is not easy, as it may seem. Kids’ feet can offer various demands beyond size. Be ready for those if you do want your shoe shopping to be a breeze.

Third, learn the tricks of the trade. There are a couple of tricks that you can apply in order to find the perfect fit. For one, you should remember to shop for children’s shoes later in the afternoon or in the evening because feet swell at this time of the day. If you are buying a pair and you want to make sure it is comfortable, it should be, even when your child’s feet are at their most swollen state.

For another, keep in mind that children easily outgrow their shoes. It is best not to overspend on a pair of baby leather shoes unless you are shopping for an important occasion. And yes, be generous to hand down your children’s old pairs to folks who would gladly take them in. It helps improve the value of the money you splurged.

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