Wild Bachelor Party at Gold Coast, Australia

A recent bachelor party was held at WetnWild in Gold Coast, Australia. Since most of the groom’s pals are coming from the little village of Glenorchy, New Zealand and most were bit old fashioned and traditional, news that female strippers Gold Coast will be part of the party, excitement  soared high for a taste of a unique Gold Coast bachelor’s party.

bachelorThe celebration started at the Sky Coaster. The New Zealand guys experienced how it was to soar like an eagle as they’re strapped into a harness to a massive cable and were raised over 50 meters off the ground and plummeting face first forward the ground and then capitulated by suspended cable over the giant wave pool at the speed of 60km/h and them laid down at the solid ground. The best part of the ride was each guy was paired with two sexy and game female strippers who saw to it these guys feel the excitement and the thrilling sensation of sky coaster ride. Their participation was part of the deal previously arranged by the best man.

Over the Kamikase ride, the guys lost all their control while experiencing the zero gravity with lovely partners from strippers Gold Coast as they plunged down near vertical 11-meter drop at a steep 70 degrees angle at a 50km/h speed. Each guy was positioned with a partner in a two-person tube while flying in forward and reverse motions. Access was made possible with advance ticket from Extreme H2O Zone arranged by the best man, too.

After the pulsating experience at the WetnWild Gold Coast, the male entourage was treated to a day feast at the Bombora Burger Bar and was filled up with chicken and beef burgers, chicken and chips, and great portions of seafood treats. Aussie beers were served for washing them down. Those who preferred pizza over burgers  had enjoyed ultimate pizza experience at Domingo 2 Go however  the New Zealand boys and the groom did not enjoy their pizza alone but still with the company of the girls from female strippers Gold Coast who made sure they’re giving the New Zealand boys the fun and the excitement of WetnWild Gold Coast.

The guys were taken to a nearby Gold Coast beach for a continuing bachelor night out. Gold Coast beach park tent provided them with camping tent facilities to cater stag party and a pre-arrangement for legit strippers Gold Coast was facilitated to ensure security and safety from disturbing incidents.

The groom and his New Zealand pals had the best time and the New Zealand men had a pocket full of tales they brought home besides the wedding and the ceremony.

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